My Story

It has been my mission since the age of 10 to be an example for others to follow. I wanted to demonstrate the limitless possibilities for anyone,  regardless of their circumstances. We all have challenges to deal with in life some being physical limitations, lack of financial resources, or not having access to equal resources such as information or networks, to name a few. How we deal with those challenges will determine if we ultimately succeed or fail in life. We can make changes or excuses but we can't do both. I was determined to be successful regardless of my background and where I started. I have received a tremendous amount of help along the way from too many people to name. These individuals provided me with opportunities, connections and in some cases financial support. I in turn aim to help someone else succeed by sharing my success and failures along my journey.

As a native Clevelander having attended Cleveland Public Schools for most of my life, then going on to graduate from University School '98 and John Carroll University 02' & 04' (MBA) I have had a very diverse educational experience.  I have been able to experience some of the major issues that plague our youth, especially minorities, and also discover some solutions that may provide a better answer to these issues. My experiences have helped shaped me into a better person and has provided me with necessary information to become the best father and husband I can be.

In 2011 I started mAc Global LLC with a mission to enrich the lives of others. I am giving others hope and permission to reach for their dreams by leading them to the source of their own power. mAc Global brings all the areas relevant to my business and personal experiences, my mission and abilities under one umbrella and allows me to mentor others. Antonio resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Sharon and son Antonio Jr.